100% Dispute-Proof Video Tracking

Protect your warehouse from costly disputes with legally compliant video tracking.

Video Tracking during unloading process

Are Unresolved Warehouse Claims Costing You Money?

Did you know many warehouses lack effective dispute-resolution policies and often settle for finger-pointing? These gaps don't just affect your bottom line-they affect your relationships with customers and third parties.

Sounds familiar?

Why Video Tracking? Fast, Secure, Cost-Effective.

Video Tracking is an advanced and economical solution that protects your warehouse from costly disputes. Our solution typically delivers ROI within 6 to 12 months of implementation.

Rapid Resolution: Resolve disputes quickly and decisively, dramatically reducing the financial impact of claims.
Flexible Choices: Video Tracking integrates seamlessly with your current setup, with options for fixed or mobile cameras.
Regulatory Compliance: High-resolution, privacy-compliant cameras allow you to operate with legal certainty.

Pro Tip: Quick Search

In case of a dispute, enter the identifying number of the product or pallet into our software. Relevant images will appear within seconds, allowing you to validate or dispute claims immediately.

Monitor Warehouse Performance with Video Tracking

Benefits for Site Managers

Bulletproof your warehouse from costly disputes with legally compliant video tracking.

Fast Resolution: Resolve disputes in seconds, saving time and resources.
Trust and Transparency: Strengthen customer and partner relationships with indisputable evidence.
Save Euros: Reduce claims and related costs, improving your bottom line.

Benefits for Work Council

Protect employee privacy and accountability with legally compliant video tracking.

Blur at the Source: Our fixed cameras can automatically blur faces and bodies for maximum privacy.
Document only what you need: Our mobile cameras take pictures only when required.
Clear accountability: Your warehouse is no longer charged for actions for which employees are not responsible.

Video Tracking Explained in 120 Seconds

Client Success Story: Maximal Performance & Transparency at GXO

The Challenge: Frequent Customer Disputes

The absence of automatic process documentation exposed GXO to customer disputes. In the case of claims, the global 3PL couldn't know if they were at fault, leading to a deterioration of the customer relationship.

The Results: Dispute-Proof Video Tracking in Months

Video Tracking easily integrated with GXO’s existing systems in months, providing a cost-effective and bullet-proof solution to know if claims were legitimate.

  • No more administrative and processing efforts related to disputes.
  • Significantly reduced the number of claims paid unfairly.
  • Identified processes not in control and immediately implemented corrective measures.
  • Customers praise their 3PL’s transparency.
"Video Tracking allowed us to alleviate the relationship with our customers. We went away from an emotional way of dealing with claims. It is now factual: the claim is either legitimate or not."

Bruce du Gardin, Operations Director at GXO

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