2x Faster Warehouse Picking

Make your warehouse picking process faster and more accurate with Digipick®.

Do You Suffer From Suboptimal Picking Performance?

Did you know most warehouses still rely on outdated barcode scanning for order picking? The fact is, this method is not only slow, it invites errors. And those errors don't just stay in your warehouse. They create a ripple effect throughout your supply chain, increasing labor costs, reducing overall operational efficiency, and compromising customer confidence.

Sounds familiar?

Why Digipick®? Fast, Error-Free, Ergonomic.

Digipick® is a highly efficient and cost-effective solution that typically delivers ROI within 6 to 12 months of implementation.

Fast Picking: Save at least 5 seconds per pick, dramatically increasing your warehouse productivity.
Zero Training Time: With Digipick®, training time is virtually non-existent, and language barriers are eliminated.
Worker Comfort: Ergonomic and efficient, Digipick® allows your workers to focus on the most value-adding tasks.
5+ sec
saved per Pick

Pro Tip: Ergonomic Options

Choose your picking style. Whether it's a remote mobile device, smartwatch, or glove scanner, Digipick® adapts to your workflow.

Unlock Picking Excellence with Digipick®

Benefits for Site Managers

Eliminate picking errors and save money with improved picking performance.

Time is Money: Save precious time with every pick and reduce labor requirements.
Zero Picking Errors: Eliminate the possibility of errors for good.
Quality Relationships: Improve the quality of your operations to impress your customers.

Benefits for Warehouse Workers

Streamline your workflow with faster and more efficient picking.

Better Ergonomics: No extra scans mean more comfortable work for you.
Stress-Free Picking: Focus on picking and let Digipick® do the rest.
Instant Validation: Real-time confirmation ensures you're always correct.

Benefits for Work Councils

Improve the work conditions in your warehouse.

Better Posture: No need to scan high barcodes reduce body tensions.
More Comfort: The absence of heavy scanners or headsets improves ergonomics.
Mental Health: Eliminated repetitive scanning or voice tasks makes happier employees.

Digipick® Explained in 120 Seconds

Client Success Story:
Transforming Picking Efficiency at DHL

The Challenge: Picking Inefficiencies

Expensive pick-by-voice systems and lengthy employee training hampered DHL Supply Chain's operations. Workers were guided by a cumbersome pick-by-voice system that was inconvenient and costly.

The Results: Major Savings with every Pick

Digipick® easily integrated with DHL's existing systems within a few months, providing a cost-effective and efficient picking solution.

  • No more picking training
  • Significantly reduced operating costs
  • Tremendous increases in both productivity and quality
  • Workers found the new beacon solution much more ergonomic.
"We experienced tangible benefits from day one, including significant cost savings and employee satisfaction."

William Albert, Innovation Manager at DHL Supply Chain

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FAQ about Digipick®

What are beacons?

Beacons are Bluetooth-Low-Energy (BLE) devices. The beacons we use are IP65-rated and powered by AAA batteries lasting at least five years. No wiring is required.

Will beacons interfere with my Wi-Fi?

Not to worry! BLE technology uses different channels than your Wi-Fi, so there's no risk of interference.

Do I have to tag every item?

No, Digipick® doesn't require additional tags on every item. It works seamlessly with your existing system.

How accurate is Digipick®?

Digipick® is extremely accurate, identifying each pick location down to the centimeter.

RFID vs. Digipick®: What's the difference?

Digipick® is unique in not requiring additional tags on each item. It's also more accurate and less expensive than RFID systems.

Which mobile devices are compatible with Digipick®?

All Android devices are compatible with Digipick®.

Is Digipick® compatible with my WMS or ERP system?

Yes, Digipick® is compatible with any WMS or ERP system.

Can Digipick® be used for operations other than warehouse picking?

Yes, you can. Digipick® can also be used for Put-to-Wall and sorting tasks.