100% Error-free Loading

Make your truck or container loading process faster and more accurate with Digiload®.

Is Your Loading Process Costing You More Than You Realize?

Did you know that over 95% of warehouses still use manual loading? The truth is, human error is not only possible, it's likely. Worse, those errors don't just stay in your warehouse. They ripple through your supply chain, increasing costs, reducing your overall operational efficiency, and undermining customer confidence.

Sounds familiar?

Why Digiload®? Zero Errors, Maximum Efficiency.

Digiload® is a highly efficient and cost-effective solution that typically delivers ROI within 6 to 12 months of implementation.

Zero Loading Errors: Digiload® eliminates loading errors by merging digital and physical workflows.
Seamless Integration: Digiload® seamlessly integrates with existing warehouse systems and existing pallet barcodes.
No Training Time: Using Digiload® is easy and intuitive, requiring minimal employee training.
Gates installed

Add-on: Video Tracking

Want proof that you are loading correctly? Combine Digiload® with our Digitrack® option to get high-quality photo documentation of each loading operation.
Now, you can easily avoid loading mistakes and prove you've done everything right.

Reimagine Warehouse Loading with Digiload®

Benefits for Site Managers

Eliminate loading errors and save money with more informed decisions.

Error-free Loading: Completely eliminates loading errors.
Effortless Process: Make your loading process simple and bulletproof.
Reliable Documentation: Each loading is automatically documented with HD photos.

Benefits for Forklift Drivers

Streamline your workflow with real-time alerts and automated reporting.

Streamline Your Work: One less scan means you work faster.
Stress-Free Operation: No need to stress over mistakes.
Instant Alerts: Errors are flagged in real-time for immediate correction.

Benefits for Sustainability Leads

Decrease your CO2 impact, one pallet at a time.

Space Optimization: Increase your truck/container filling rate.
Carbon Footprint: No loading mistakes mean fewer trucks on the road.
Cost Reduction: Fewer trucks on the road means less gas and toll expenditures.

Digiload® Explained in 120 Seconds

Client Success Story:
Error-free Loading in Just 3 Months at Lila Logistik

The Challenge: No room for error

Lila Logistik's facility in Bavaria (Germany) faced several challenges impacting its end customers and internal operations. The German company was, therefore, looking for a bullet-proof solution that would allow it to offer a guaranteed “error-free” service to its automotive client.

The Results: Error-free Loading in 3 Months

Digiload® and Digitrack were integrated into Körber, Lila's warehouse system, in less than three months.

  • Error-free loading
  • Load tracking in real-time
  • HD Photo documentation to effectively address claims and enhance processes
  • Optimized warehouse loading process, resulting in a 25% reduction in time required.

Müller - die Lila Logistik won the “Process & Tool Award 2023” from AKJ Automotive thanks to their Digiload/Digitrack project.

"We implemented Digiload® and Digitrack at our Wemding site in Bavaria without any issues. We saw value from day one."

Giritharan Sekar, Branch Manager at Müller - die Lila Logistik

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FAQ about Digiload®

What are beacons?

Beacons are Bluetooth-Low-Energy (BLE) devices sending a constant identification signal. The beacons used by Digilo are IP65-rated and powered by AA batteries lasting at least five years. No wiring is required.

Will beacons interfere with my Wi-Fi?

Not to worry! BLE technology uses different channels than your Wi-Fi, so there's no risk of interference.

Do I have to label every pallet?

No, you don't. Digiload® uses your existing pallet barcodes, so there's no need for additional labels.

How accurate is Digiload®?

Digiload® is very accurate. It accurately detects at which gate each pallet is loaded, even at speeds up to 20km/h.

RFID vs. Digiload®: What's the difference?

Unlike RFID, Digiload® doesn't require additional tags on each pallet. It's more accurate and less expensive than RFID systems.

Which mobile devices are compatible with Digiload®?

All Android devices are compatible with Digiload®.

Is Digiload® compatible with my WMS/TMS/ERP system?

Yes, Digiload® is compatible with any WMS/TMS/ERP system.

Can Digiload® be used for other processes?

Absolutely. Digiload® can also be used to unload trucks and containers or to confirm internal pallet movements.