100% Uptime and Increased Warehouse Efficiency

Reduce walking distances and increase productivity in your warehouse with our modular, battery-powered mobile workstations.

Are Fixed Workstations Hampering your Warehouse Performance?

Did you know many warehouses struggle with inefficient layouts that force workers to waste time walking to fixed equipment stations? These bottlenecks don't just affect your productivity - they affect employee morale and operational speed.

Sounds familiar?

Why our Mobile Workstations? Flexible, Customizable, Robust.

Digilo and the E-Dentic group has over 5,000 mobile workstations deployed across Europe, offering an effective solution for warehouse operations with ROI typically realized in under 12 months.

24/7 Availability: Innovative battery system keeps you up and running around the clock, reducing downtime to zero.
Modular Design: Choose the options you need for your operations.
Worry-Free Maintenance: World-class service and extended warranty of up to 5 years.

Pro Tip: Battery Replacement

When a battery runs low, replace it with a fully charged one. Your mobile workstation continues to operate while the depleted battery recharges for its next cycle.

Boost Your Warehouse Efficiency with our Mobile Workstations

Benefits for Site Managers

Protect your warehouse from unnecessary delays and errors with mobile, on-the-go workstations.

Productivity Boost: Reduce walking distances and increase overall efficiency.
Cost Savings: Our innovative battery system allows you to buy fewer devices which mean less capital expenditure.
Data Availability: Instant access to reliable data for smarter, faster decisions.

Benefits for IT Managers

Free your team to focus on strategic projects and optimize your IT investments.

Tailor Made: Modular design for customization to meet your unique needs.
Economical Choice: Reduce equipment purchases with 24/7 availability thanks to our unique battery system.
Peace of Mind: Our worry-free service lets you focus on your operations.

Benefits for Warehouse Workers

Make your daily work more comfortable and efficient.

Less Strain: Reduce walking distances and improve comfort.
Higher Job Satisfaction: Complete tasks faster, reducing frustration.
Healthier: Better ergonomics create a safer work environment.

Our Mobile Workstations Explained

Your Complete Solution for More Streamlined Operations

Our mobile workstations are an easy-to-integrate solution that complements any warehouse setup. Implementation is smooth, with no disruption to your existing workflow.

Achieve 100% Uptime and Boost Warehouse Efficiency Today

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