Bring Your Warehouse to New Levels of Productivity and Quality.

We streamline manual warehouse tasks that cannot be automated. 90-day ROI.

Smart Solutions to Digitize Your Warehouse

DigiloadĀ®: 100%Ā 
Error-free Loading

Optimize your warehouse with an accurate and documented loading process.

Discover DigiloadĀ®

DigipickĀ®: 2x Faster Warehouse Picking

Make your warehouse picking process faster and more accurate with DigipickĀ®.

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DigitrackĀ®: 100% Dispute-Proof Video Tracking

Protect your warehouse from costly disputes with legally compliant video tracking.

Worry-free Service: Reliable Hardware Management

Optimize your ITĀ device management with Digilo's seamless and worry-free hardware management.

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Mobile Workstations: 100% Uptime and Increased Warehouse Efficiency

Reduce walking distances and increase productivity in your warehouse with our modular, battery-powered mobile workstations.

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DigiloĀ® -
Next-Gen Warehouse Solutions

Digilo is your strategic IT integrator for warehouse logistics. Part of the E-Dentic group, we rely on 20 years of experience in the logistics industry.
Our simple but innovative 'Digi' solutions are designed to streamline your warehouse operations and increase the efficiency of your workforce. From managing inventory to tracking shipments, our warehouse technologies simplify the complexities of logistics.

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Why choose DigiloĀ®?

We optimize manual warehouse tasks.
Achieve 90-day ROI.

Zero Disruption: Our solutions are quick and easy to implement.
One-Stop Hardware: Our streamlined service simplifies your ITĀ device management.
Universal Compatibility: Our innovations are fully compatible with all WMS, TMS, and ERP systems.
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