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We make your warehouse logistics seamless with simple yet powerful digital solutions.

Unmatched Performance for Warehouse Logistics

Digilo is your strategic IT integrator for warehouse logistics. Our simple but innovative 'Digi' solutions are designed to streamline your warehouse operations and increase the efficiency of your workforce. From managing inventory to tracking shipments, our warehouse technologies simplify the complexities of logistics.

Why us

Boost your Efficiency with 'Digi' Solutions

Zero Disruption: Our solutions are easy and intuitive, which means minimal change effort.
Seamless integration: Our solutions are fully compatible with all WMS, TMS, and ERP systems.
Rapid ROI: See a tangible return on your investment within the first 90 days.
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Making warehouse logistics seamless with simple yet powerful digital solutions.

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Empower employees with technology to improve performance and job satisfaction.

About Digilo: Next-Gen Warehouse Solutions

Part of the E-Dentic group (established in 2003), Digilo is more than a technology company.

Under the leadership of co-founders Nicolas Lassal and Gilles Tassery, we're a team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of warehouse efficiency. As a trusted partner to industry leaders, we excel at enhancing operational warehouse efficiency. We offer various services, from hardware integration to software solutions, to streamline warehouse operations.

From Munich, Germany, we make our solutions globally scalable to meet your international needs.

The Values that Drive Everything We Do

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Constantly redefining what's possible in the logistics industry.

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Focusing on building long-term relationships with our stakeholders.

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Striving to exceed customer expectations.

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Achieving more together than we can do alone.

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Fun at work

Cultivating a vibrant culture to foster teamwork and employee growth.

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Communicating openly at all times - no secrets.

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