100% Reliable Hardware Management for Your Warehouse

Optimize your IT device management with Digilo's seamless and worry-free hardware management.

Is Your Hardware Choice Killing Your Warehouse Efficiency?

Did you know that many logistics companies limit their hardware options due to the complexity of configuration and spare parts management? This limitation is not just a potential obstacle-it's a permanent one. Worse, these limitations don't just affect your warehouse. They affect your entire supply chain, reducing productivity and employee satisfaction.

Sounds familiar?

Why Digilo's Service?
Straight-forward and reliable.

Digilo's Worry-Free Service is based on 20 years of experience managing 20,000 devices in Europe, providing fast, customized solutions.

Fit-for-Purpose Hardware: We recommend the best hardware choices for each process with major brands like Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic, Unitech, Cognex or ProGlove.
Zero Configuration Efforts: Our service provides a hassle-free hardware setup, freeing up your team from repetitive low-value-adding tasks.
Lifetime Support: Our comprehensive care includes ongoing support and rapid replacement to ensure hardware issues never stop you.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Get immediate replacement of faulty equipment and our extended warranty for up to 5 years. Our experts are available from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

Improve Operations and IT Management with Digilo's Worry-Free Service

Benefits for Site Managers

Uncover the true potential of your hardware choices and save valuable resources.

Optimized Hardware: Eliminate the risk of using the wrong hardware for the job.
Budget Certainty: Know your hardware costs in advance and easily manage your budget.
Strategic Investment: Deploy hardware that supports your business goals for maximum ROI.

Benefits for IT Managers

Free your team to focus on strategic projects and optimize your IT investments

Focus on Strategy: Offload day-to-day hardware issues to Digilo.
Financial Efficiency: Reduce your organization's overall IT spend.
Flexible Solutions: Better serve internal customers by offering customized hardware options and becoming a value provider instead of just a cost center.

Benefits for Sustainability Leads

Reduce the amount of electronics used by your company.

Green IT: Choose devices with minimal environmental impact.
Less is More: Buy less but better.
Reuse and Repair: Fix your devices instead of buying new ones.

Digilo's Worry-free Service Explained in 90 Seconds

Client Success Story: Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges in Record Time at Pandora

The Challenge: Warehouse System change before Peak Season

At Pandora's distribution center in Hamburg, Germany, the need for upgraded mobile computers compatible with their new WMS was urgent. Pandora faced tight deadlines with the peak season approaching. Furthermore, the semiconductor crisis following Covid times was threatening their procurement.

The Results: Operational Warehouse in Record Time

Digilo was the immediate choice due to the quick response and exceptional customer service. In a couple of weeks, Digilo ensured that Pandora's new WMS was up and running in time for Black Friday and Christmas - Pandora's busiest times.

  • Immediate delivery of equipment during a crisis.
  • Seamless transition to new WMS, keeping Pandora’s operations running smoothly.
  • Rapid equipment replacement and hassle-free warranty service.
  • Pandora can focus its energy on what matters - its core business.
"Digilo's customer-centric approach and worry-free service gives them a distinct competitive advantage. We look forward to leveraging their solutions for tangible business improvements."

Phuong Pham, Lead Architect, Supply Chain | Digital & Technology at Pandora.

Get 100% Reliable Hardware Management for Your Warehouse

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